Unicode IDNs Universal Acceptance

Making sense of it all !

For any website to be truly accessible, an appropriate character encoding is a must. The encoding that is universally acceptable and has caters to most of the scripts of the world is “Unicode”. Make sure you choose the Unicode encoding for your website.

The major Indian scripts in Unicode start with the Devanagari script at the code point value U+0900 and end with Malayalam script at the code point value U+0D7F.

Font is the mechanism present on the Digital Systems that caters to the visual aspect of the text present on any Website. Typically “Open Type” fonts are widely used. There are many big technology companies that have made a wide variety of these fonts freely available to be used in any Website. There is a good amount of information already available online about this subject matter hence they have not been covered in depth here.

Inputting mechanism enables the users to enter the user generated data onto the Website. This can be accomplished by three ways. By way of a keyboard, a microphone, or a video camera. However, for topic of UA, the keyboard based inputting is the most relevant one.